Here at Choice Windows, we supply and install bespoke bi-folding doors to homes in Peterborough, Stamford and surrounding areas. Opening up your living space and bringing the outdoors closer, the practical yet beautiful Bi-Fold Doors are a joy to use and can enhance both your home and lifestyle.

Bi-fold doors offer many possibilities. Not only will they maximise your home’s natural lighting, but they are also ideal for making your space appear bigger and for creating an idyllic atmosphere.

Featuring frame depths of just 70mm, Bi-Folding doors stack neatly inside or outside.

Constructed to the same exacting standards as our windows, with materials guaranteed for decades, our door sets incorporate a host of technical innovations for absolute peace of mind. These beautiful doors have factory applied paint finishes in multiple colours may be applied to one door set.

This enables you to finish the doors with a different shade internally to complement interior decor, ensuring long life and low maintenance.

With more efficient lighting and the option to remove a wall at your disposal, bi-folds will transform your room with just a door. Using the very best in energy-efficient glass and time-proven engineering, we can create entries that offer a bounty of natural light and unobscured views. Thereby removing boundaries, so you enjoy your home and garden as a whole.

Elegant aluminium bi-folding doors with style and energy-efficient performance.


We design our bi-fold precisely for the requirements of you and your home with a vast number of customisable colours to suit any period of your property.

To prohibit intruders from gaining entry, all our aluminium bi-folding doors are glazed internally, so you cannot remove the glass. Our range of bi-folding doors features multi-point locking mechanisms that provide excellent security levels. 

Sleek, modern and stylish, having a bi-folding door adds pleasing aesthetics to your house. We can help you add character and real value. So, for a quotation, contact our team.



Aluminium frames are a slim and stylish alternative. They allow for larger panes of glass to be included in the design. This creates a modern and aesthetically pleasing configuration that lets in more light and an uninterrupted view of outside spaces.