Looking to invest in an orangery? Here at Choice Windows, we can help you reap all the benefits of our orangery installation service.

Orangeries are a cost-effective way of achieving that much needed extra space in your home. Therefore, we assist Peterborough homeowners in accessing what specific conservatory-style best suits your property and what will work best in your available area. All of our conservatories are tailored to your home. So you can guarantee you’ll get the perfect finish. Whether you desire a fitted heated floor, ceramic tiles or wooden flooring, Choice can provide you with what you need!

Furthermore, with energy prices on the rise, homeowners are often sacrificing comfort for lower energy bills. At Choice, we offer Celsius self-cleaning glass on all our conservatories which not only keeps your windows looking clean but can also retain heat by up to 40% in the winter and reduce heat by 90% in the summer. Therefore, you don’t have to sacrifice those home comforts.

Bespoke Orangeries with numerous benefits.


With our Orangery installation in Peterborough, we ensure your new feature blends seamlessly into your property. Every aspect of your new orangery is carefully considered. This enables an orangery to be an extension that looks like it truly belongs and will bring comfort and familiarity from day one.

With our orangeries, you have the freedom to be flexible. With each one being bespoke, you can use your orangery in many ways. As a result of being so versatile, you could turn your new space into anything! There is extra room for a dining room, larger living room, spacious guest room, a home office, even a gym or extension onto your kitchen.

So are looking for a professional team of orangery installer in Peterborough? If so, speak to Choice about investing in your new space today.



Our beautiful uPVC residential orangeries will enhance the appearance of your property. Our orangeries offer you the very best in security, efficiency and style.


An aluminium orangery is the ultimate extended living space, offering a unique and comfortable environment that will expand and enhance your home effortlessly.